Part NumberTitle
A-FWBHM2424Frameless Whiteboard AO2 24d X 24w
Height: 24Width: 24Weight: 8
A-FWBHM2430Frameless Whiteboard AO2 24d X 30w
Height: 24Width: 30Weight: 10
A-FWBHM2436Frameless Whiteboard AO2 24d X 36w
Height: 24Width: 36Weight: 12
A-FWBHM2442Frameless Whiteboard AO2 24d X 42w
Height: 24Width: 42Weight: 210
A-FWBHM2448Frameless Whiteboard AO2 24d X 48w
Height: 24Width: 48Weight: 16
A-FWBHM2460Frameless Whiteboard AO2 24d X 60w
Height: 24Width: 60Weight: 20
A-FWBHM3024Frameless Whiteboard AO2 30d X 24w
Height: 30Width: 24Weight: 10
A-FWBHM3030Frameless Whiteboard AO2 30d X 30w
Height: 30Width: 30Weight: 13
A-FWBHM3036Frameless Whiteboard AO2 30d X 36w
Height: 30Width: 15Weight: 36
A-FWBHM3042Frameless Whiteboard AO2 30d X 42w
Height: 30Width: 42Weight: 18
A-FWBHM3048Frameless Whiteboard AO2 30d X 48w
Height: 30Width: 48Weight: 20
A-FWBHM3060Frameless Whiteboard AO2 30d X 60w
Height: 30Width: 60Weight: 25
AO2 Frameless White Board

Frameless White Boards with Markey Tray is a .6” thick laminated white board with 1mm white edgeband on all sides. Frameless White Boards mount to panels with standard brackets (included). Marker Tray is included and available in black only. Marker Tray is field installed.